Swift BIC Codes for Banca Monte Parma S.p.a. branches in Italy


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Swift Code Branch# Bank Name City Country
BMPRIT21020Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Salsomaggiore TermeItaly Details
BMPRIT21017Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ColornoItaly Details
BMPRIT2PXXXBanca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21361Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Reggio NellemiliaItaly Details
BMPRIT21022Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Borgo Val Di TaroItaly Details
BMPRIT21004Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.FidenzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21021Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Fornovo Di TaroItaly Details
BMPRIT21018Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.LanghiranoItaly Details
BMPRIT21012Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.CollecchioItaly Details
BMPRIT21337Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21369Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.CollecchioItaly Details
BMPRIT21352Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.PiacenzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21335Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Reggio NellemiliaItaly Details
BMPRIT21362Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.FidenzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21353Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.PiacenzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21347Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Reggio NellemiliaItaly Details
BMPRIT21358Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Reggio NellemiliaItaly Details
BMPRIT21023Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.AlsenoItaly Details
BMPRIT21006Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Baganzola (parma)Italy Details
BMPRIT21027Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Basilicagoiano (montechiarugolo)Italy Details
BMPRIT21342Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.BedoniaItaly Details
BMPRIT21351Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.BercetoItaly Details
BMPRIT21015Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.BussetoItaly Details
BMPRIT21001Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21340Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21355Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21356Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21357Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21365Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21364Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21002Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21009Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21010Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21011Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21024Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21026Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21330Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21332Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21005Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Corcagnano (parma)Italy Details
BMPRIT21368Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.CorreggioItaly Details
BMPRIT21019Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Fiorenzuola DardaItaly Details
BMPRIT21354Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.FontanellatoItaly Details
BMPRIT21363Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.GuastallaItaly Details
BMPRIT21343Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Lesignano De BagniItaly Details
BMPRIT21025Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.MedesanoItaly Details
BMPRIT21349Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Mezzano Inferiore (mezzani)Italy Details
BMPRIT21367Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Montecchio EmiliaItaly Details
BMPRIT21007Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Monticelli Terme (montechiarugolo)Italy Details
BMPRIT21366Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.NevianoItaly Details
BMPRIT21014Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.NocetoItaly Details
BMPRIT21344Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.FontevivoItaly Details
BMPRIT21359Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.PontenureItaly Details
BMPRIT21028Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Sala BaganzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21339Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.San Michele Di Tiorre (felino)Italy Details
BMPRIT21029Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.San PancrazioItaly Details
BMPRIT21345Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.San Polo (torrile)Italy Details
BMPRIT21334Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.San Secondo ParmenseItaly Details
BMPRIT21341Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Santilario DenzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21336Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.SoragnaItaly Details
BMPRIT21333Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.SorboloItaly Details
BMPRIT21331Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.TraversetoloItaly Details
BMPRIT21008Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Varano De MelegariItaly Details
BMPRIT21350Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ZibelloItaly Details
BMPRIT21348Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Roveleto (cadeo)Italy Details
BMPRIT2PCMUBanca Monte Parma S.p.a.TorinoItaly Details
BMPRIT2PGCPBanca Monte Parma S.p.a.MoncalieriItaly Details
BMPRIT21370Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.FelinoItaly Details
BMPRIT21360Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.RottofrenoItaly Details
BMPRIT21000Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.ParmaItaly Details
BMPRIT21013Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.PiacenzaItaly Details
BMPRIT21016Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.Reggio NellemiliaItaly Details
BMPRIT21346Banca Monte Parma S.p.a.FidenzaItaly Details
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